About Us

Pharmanais is a family company which produces as well as imports essential oils and other natural substances. It stands on tradition of three generations of our family and looks firmly into the future.

Be it our HQ and logistic center in Niš or our Distillery in Babušnica, we pursue modern standards of our industry, while maintaing a human face in the eye of the progress.

Our collection of over 100 different essential oils come from every corner of this world. From our homely distillery on the edge of Serbia, to the slops of Himalaya, plains of Australia, Vastness of India, Jungles of Madagascar, Citrus orchards of Sicily, fragrant fields of Southern France, Banks of the river Nile and primordial forests of Latin America workers are laboring with all their heart to bring you the essence of their homes.

Pharmanais doo
29 Novembar br 1
18 330 Babušnica

Vase Čarapića 84
18 000 Niš
Tel: +381 18 594 449
Mobilni: +381 64 2773 578
Email: info@pharmanais.com