Choose between more than 100 essential oils.

Oils are either produced by our own production facilites or sourced from our trusted partners around the globe, many of them in premium organic quality as well.


Flower waters are side products in the distillation process of essential oils.

In our range of products we have almost 10 varieties, sourced mostly from our own production facilites in Western Balkan countries.


Carrier oils are usually produced by cold pressing of plant parts.

Carrier oils, butters and waxes can be used as emollients in your end products. Choose from more than 20 products, most of them in organic quality.


We produce and supply all kinds of liquid and dry extracts, based on individual orders and specifications from our customers.

About us

Arxfarm is a family story of three generations creating major regional company from scratch.

Our experience with production and handling of essential oils goes back to 1993. Ever since we have been supplying various essential oils from the region of Western Balkans and further. In 2019 the gathered knowledge was invested into our newest project “Essentially farming”, which introduces the production of essential oils into 21st century.

Third generation in the fields of Satureja monatana, somewhere in Montenegro on a hot summer day, more than 20 years ago.

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